Talent scouting, the future of staff recruitment

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From year to year, educational institutions across the world are always brimming with students who are very hopeful of at least a decent life or even a wonderful tomorrow that comes after they get absorbed in the mainstream job market.

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Entrepreneurs on the other hand are also hopeful of picking the CVs of the best of minds available so that they can have a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

The above narrative is a brief description of the trend that has been adopted as a mechanism towards staff recruitment for a period stretching over many decades if not the whole century.

However, a new phenomenon regarding staff recruitment touched ground some time ago and is about to expand its territory since human capital is now bound to be determined by a drastic mindset shift towards staff engagement.

Industries and various other institutions that shall be engaging the services of graduates from various academic and vocational centres are bound to follow the 'scouting route', which is a more progressive, interactive, sophisticated and humane way of recruiting people.

This method has been more rampant in the world of sports but is soon likely to take over virtually all the facets of the job market.

In the sporting fraternity especially when it comes to soccer, youngsters who are deemed exceptionally talented are recognised or spotted from a very tender age.

After that, a watchful eye is then kept on them along the way and that is if they are not snatched away by an affiliate institution of a notable football club.

Scouting on its own, as a way of staff recruitment, is generally based on engaging in a more defined gift and talent identification exercise in order to discover the best of minds or skills out of the people in a given environment.

This, therefore, means that under this phenomenon, there is going to be an increased early and long term interaction between and among parents, school authorities, community leaders and representatives from the job market.

The future itself will decide whether these scouting teams will be part of the human resources department in a particular institution or they will be independent individuals or corporations for that matter.

Regardless of the arrangement that shall prevail, these gift and talent identification experts as they may be or shall be called in the future will be greatly involved in identifying and analysing other people's abilities and potential.

This observation and analysis exercise will cover issues to do with intellect (mental ability) and any other forms of giftedness.

Parents and guardians will become active participants in this scouting exercise as they shall not be left out in discovering the uniqueness in their children.

Educational and religious institutions such as schools and churches etc. will also get absorbed by this phenomenon as various societal elements will be interested in being associated with being part of this employment 'fashion trend.

School sporting events and academic prize-giving ceremonies from primary to tertiary levels will soon be redefined since such occasions will start pulling scouting teams, which are rather a special crowd that has a unique and mutually beneficial interest in these students.

Because of the scouting exercise, the role of teachers and other staff members at these institutions is likely to be broad and more refined as compared to just teaching these students how to read, write and play sports as was ordinarily done.

This is because teachers will now be playing a critical role in extracting the hidden unique treasures in every student in liaison with parents and other various stakeholders including even the government for that matter.

There is also going to be a deep interest by corporations towards being affiliated with educational institutions, if not at all, to partner, own and run these places as a way of avoiding losing out on getting the best of the entrepreneur-minded future labour force.

Those companies or institutions which will procrastinate on the scouting phenomenon are likely to end up being fully staffed by people who have been side-lined by others and thus such a development is likely to have a negative effect on efficiency and competitiveness.

This sudden awakening of scouting as a mechanism of engaging the best available human capital will result in enhanced career guidance and personal development exercise since these are more centred on a person's timely discovery of his or her purpose in life.

People who have discovered themselves and who have identified their unique abilities are bound to be exceptional performers in their respective fields because they know what to concentrate on and what to drop down along the journey of their life.

Scouting is interactive and progressive in the sense that the deep interest shown by various stakeholders in analysing and promoting the giftedness in these individuals will make them feel valued and thus boosting their morale as they grow up.

It is however important to note and understand that scouting is not and will not be limited to school children only since the exercise applies to all the people across the broad age and socio-economic and political platforms.

Therefore, it is imperative for all the relevant stakeholders which include parents, employers, educational institutions and the government to start bracing up for this new reality.

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